Karen Krizanovich is a researcher, journalist, writer and broadcaster published in Wired, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Financial Times among others. She is Editor-At-Large for Civilian Global where she writes a wine column Effervesce Sense.

Karen has credits on films Infinite (2020), Venom 2 (2020), The Old Guard (2020), Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019), Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018), The Conjuring 2 (2016) and TV 24: Live Another Day (2014), Gravity (2013) and Red Dwarf (2009). For more, check her IMDb.

askanceVenice.jpgBroadcasts include BBC1 Breakfast, BBC Radio 4 Front Row and Woman’s Hour among many. Her work has been published/broadcasted at Monocle24 Radio, Radio Times and The List. Her written reviews are aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes.

Karen conceived, researched and presented Whistledown Production/BBC Radio 4‘s groundbreaking original radio documentary entitled Svelte Sylvia and the Hollywood Trimsters. ‘Sylvia of Hollywood’ was Tinsel Town’s greatest fitness/beauty expert yet she was wiped from history until this documentary and the Wikipedia page built by Karen from her own research brought Sylvia back to life.

Trained in Philosophy with an MBA in Film Finance, Karen has appeared on over 75 different TV shows, including CNN and Newsnight, with live outside broadcasts from the Cannes Film Festival.

Karen is the Hon Secretary of the London Film Critics’ Circle. A member of BAFTA and the British Film Designers Guild [BFDG],  Karen is also a graduate of the Faber Academy.

A host for Q&A sessions and film-related talks, Karen has spoken on One Track Minds at the Wilton Music Hall, given keynote speeches to schools, film organisations and companies such as Sky Cinema. She’s hosted at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, the London Comedy Writers’ Festival, the NFT/BFI, First Light’s Fever Pitch/London Film Festival, the Barbican Cinema and for Curzon.

In the 90s, Karen was best known for her Dear Karen column. Sarcastic, scathing yet beloved in a dominatrix-sort-of-way, Dear Karen was the careless  Agony Aunt of Sky Magazine’s most read comedic advice page. Remaining outrageous, Dear Karen’s past posts are archived at Dear Karen columns.

FromTheIndependent.photoshopMarkHarris300x241As an American voiceover artist, Karen specialises in alto tones and American regional accents. She was once the voice of a green M&M, the only female member of the candy. Apparently.

Finally, Karen is an accredited personal trainer